Student of the week!


Once again, young Murphy is named student of the week.  This weekend we worked on loading. Saturday was kind of a tough day for Murph.  He didn’t see the point in getting into this big metal box and he sure didn’t appreciate all the prompting.  When we finally got him to commit to putting one hoof on the ramp we called it a day.

Now Sunday was a whole different ball game.  Murphy was up for the challenge and loaded into the trailer with his mom (and some grain) in a matter of five minutes. Lot’s of praise and treats were given for his great accomplishment. 

Who knew getting out of the trailer would become the challenge?  When Murphy was faced with unloading he opted for a dramatic broad jump eliminating walking down the ramp entirely.  He displayed great athletic ability, clearing the ramp by many feet. Obviously practice was in order so we got him lined up ready for another walk up the ramp and SPROING, into the trailer he jumps sliding to a stop at his mom’s head.  Interesting dilemma.  We asked his mom to walk out of the trailer and Murph popped out along side her.  At this point we needed to change our objective and decided to back the trailer up to a spot where the ramp would be  raised level.  We then encouraged young Murphy to practice standing on the ramp and walking across it from side to side.                                         

In the end it was a very productive day and Murphy says he knows he can do it even better next time! Until then, happy trails!




4 comments on “Student of the week!

  1. Daisy says:

    Does he get a special sticker?

  2. I think we can arrange that. : )

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