Legacy Farm Clinic

Another fun day with Legacy Farm riders in Livermore on Sunday. Everyone is riding great thanks to trainer Stacie Suico!

She and her riders are having a very successful 2012 show season. Fun to be a part of it!

Until next time ladies, keep up the good work!



The “Raise for Maize” Benefit

Maize is battling a serious lameness as of now undiagnosed. She is incurring substantial vet bills with more ahead. I am planning on doing a series of benefit riding and horse handling clinics, at barns interested in participating.
ALL donations will go directly to Hoof Beats of America who is once again Maize’s caretaker. Donations will pay for her current vet bills, rehabilitation and maintenance of this lovely mare.
When rehabilitated, Maize will need a permanent pasture companion situation. I will post updates about her progress and the clinics.
Thank you as always, for being animal advocates.

Fallen for Bend

This week I took a road trip up to Bend Oregon to work a horse show for my friends Peter and Gwen Newell.  I have never made that drive before and was not prepared for how beautiful it was up there.  There were rivers running along the side of Cline Falls road heading out to the show and as you scanned the horizon there was an incredible view of the the snow-capped Cascade mountains.

So looking forward to going back to judge at their June show!

2012 Season

I have really been enjoying giving monthly clinics at Legacy Farm in Livermore. Stacie is a great trainer which makes her group of riders really fun to work with. They have a show coming up at Starr Vaughn Equestrian this month and I look forward to hearing about their successes and learning experiences!
I have some judging dates coming up here soon. There is the always fun Miwok Livery in Mill Valley in April and a new one for me this year, Ranch Cerro in Livermore this May.
I am really looking forward to working with Peter & Gwen Newell at their own Bend Oregon facility in May and June!
Hope you are all having success at whatever you are working on. Whether you are starting a youngster or riding on the beach, “Happy trails to you until we meet again!”

All the best,

Monthly Clinics at Legacy Farm


I really enjoyed the clinic I gave at Legacy Farm last month.  Looks like Stacie’s clients enjoyed it too.  I will be giving a hunter/jumper clinic there regularly on the first Sunday of each month.  If you are interested in participating please contact Stacie Suicco at (925)216-2329.  Auditing is also available.

Wishing you all a fun and successful show season!

Legacy Farm Clinic

I am giving a clinic at Legacy Farm located at Circle J Equestrian Center in Livermore, California on February 5th from 9 am -12:30 pm.  The first session is a 2′ through 2’6″ group.  The second is a 2’6″ through 3′ group.

Stacey Suicco is the trainer I am doing the clinic for. I have known Stacie since she was showing in the pony division!!  Boy do the years fly by!

If you are interested in attending or auditing, please contact Stacie at 925-216-2329. http://www.legacyhorses.com/

Christmas Horse Memories…

Growing up on the east coast made riding in the winter a challenge.  If you follow this blog, you have read about my pony Cherry and I getting stuck in the occasional snow bank.  The folks I worked for as a kid purchased a pair of young Clydesdales we named Chet and Steb.  They were so beautiful and gentle and looked huge in a barn full of thoroughbreds.  As the months passed I would watch Bill sack them out and long line them. I often wondered what he was going to train them to do.  All of the other horses on the property were race horses or broodmares.

It was coming up on Christmas and we had been getting quite a bit of snow. One day after I was finished doing barn chores, Bill and Mary told me to come back later that afternoon and to dress warmly.  I figured they had some holiday fun planned but I had no idea what it could be.

When I came back a few hours later, I saw something I will never forget.  There were Chet and Steb dressed in harnesses with bells, hooked up to a magnificent sleigh.  It was a little horse girls Christmas fantasy come true. The family and I climbed into the sleigh and we went on a magical ride through the snow covered corn fields behind their property.  Chet and Steb were perfectly behaved and seemed proud to be taking us on this special ride.  The harness bells were jingling in rhythm with their trot as the snow fell gently on these happy passengers.  True story…lucky girl.

May all your Christmas wishes come true!