I have known Hilary for about 10 years and my horses and I have had some of our best break throughs with her. She is always 100% focused on you and your horse when you are riding and her patience and calm demeanor always come through. She has always had the strongest innate sense of when to push you or your horse….and when not to. She treats everyone as an individual and takes the time to get to understand your horse and you and what you both need to help you understand each other. Hilary has worked with all of my horses, from the ones who could march around the Working Hunter ring with the pros to a young horse just learning how to carry someone on his back and they are all better for having had Hilary’s attention and care. I am so happy Hilary is back to training full time. We are truly lucky to have her! ~ Holly Hansen

 What I have always appreciated about Hilary is that she offers a truly unique training experience.  In the past with my horses I have had situations that would not put us into a normal monthly training program at a show barn (foals and very young horses that I didn’t want in a 5 day a week working situation). With Hilary’s help I was able to learn a lot about my horses on the ground and on their backs because of the work she does with us.  I’ve had the privilege to work with Hilary over many years and I can’t recommend the opportunity to work with Hilary more highly!                                  ~ Laurel Dunston

Hilary is the most compassionate and talented trainer I have ever known.  She cares deeply for her charges, horse and rider alike.  Having trained at different locations (my studies and career have caused me to move several times), I can readily say that I have never encountered a trainer who I trusted more than I trust Hilary.  When I first met Hilary, I was a very petite 11-year-old riding a five-year-old thoroughbred who was over 16 hands and very green.  Hilary rapidly (and patiently) transformed us from a pair that went crashing through courses to one that cleared them safely and beautifully.  Thanks to Hilary, my young horse and I had a trusting and wonderful relationship, and we learned a great deal together in our many years of getting to train with Hilary.  If I could fly Hilary out to Kansas every week to train with her, I would do so in a heartbeat.  She is that good.  She is and will always be my true mentor and trainer. ~ Alisa Garni
I am not a hunter jumper rider, but I had Hilary ride my dressage horse many years ago at Windfield. My horse was extremely happy under Hilary’s care and learned to go around relaxed and happy. I have always admired her and respected her, though we don’t often see each other. If I were a jumper, I would be riding with Hil.  ~ Laurel Brown

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